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Jun 26

Last LaTeX Tips for Your Thesis – The TikZ Package and Editing with Vim-LaTeX

This post finishes the series of blog posts on LaTeX for your thesis. I will quickly introduce: the best LaTeX graphics package I know my LaTeX typing environment using vim TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm (TikZ is not a drawing programme) This is probably the best graphics package available, it feels like you can do anything …

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Jun 17

More LaTeX Tips for Your Thesis – Quoting

Quoting in standard LaTeX has got a few drawbacks: Depending on which language-packages you use, you sometimes need "’, sometimes just " for quotes (otherwise it might print umlauts). Switching between the type of quotation marks late means you have to replace them throughout your document. You have to pay attention to using different quotation …

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Jun 11

More LaTeX Tips for Your Thesis – Aliases and the xspace Package

This is a follow-up post of this one Consistency and speed are two major issues in writing your thesis. First, you want important and particularly technical terms to appear typeset in a consistent manner throughout the whole thesis. Everything else would just look unprofessional, and given that you chose LaTeX you seem to be serious …

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Jun 06

Useful LaTeX Packages for Your Thesis

As many of my fellow students, I recently entered my last term at Imperial College. In contrast to the previous terms, there will not be any lectures, instead everyone will focus on some development or research, and on writing a report / Master’s thesis about it. Since this is my second thesis already, I got …

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